Target Audience: 7th-12th Grade
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New Episode: March 12, 2014

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Join us for our LIVE Electronic Field Trips where you can interact with experts and explore historic locations. Year 1, Episodes 1-3 are also available for HD streaming.


Visit our community section where you can upload photos, videos, or simply tell your story about what civil rights means to you.

Teacher Resources

Study guides, links, and a wealth of information is available about Project C and the civil rights movement.

Meet Our Host and Guests
Meet Our Host and Guests

Kwame Holman is our host this time with live guests Marcia F. Johnson-Blanco and Nick Kotz.

Issue Guide book for Project C
Issue Guide book for Project C

This issue guide is a companion piece to Project C. It was created to encourage open discussions and civic engagement by highlighting important events and actions within the civil rights movement.

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