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Posted Jan 20, 2010

APT Enhances Online Educational Services

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Parents who have looked at their child’s homework assignments no doubt know that schoolwork has changed; answers to questions don’t come as easily as they did a generation ago and problems aren’t resolved as quickly as they once were. Now thanks to a free, enhanced online service from Alabama Public Television (APT), homework doesn’t have to be a monumental challenge. APTPLUS™ combines children’s natural curiosity, their computer talents and enthusiasm to learn with a wealth of educational content. Available at no charge to parents, teachers and students, APTPLUS is accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week from any computer with Internet access. The APTPLUS Learn360 database provides audio and visual explanations of hard-to-teach and difficult-to-learn concepts, creating an environment for learning for Pre-K students through twelfth graders. Using APTPLUS Learn360, parents can stream or download videos along with speeches, songs and still images in the areas of the Arts, Health and Guidance, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and World Languages. They can also access educational PBS programs that bring another dimension to learning, such as NOVA, Between the Lions and Cyberchase. Tools for parents and teachers to create blogs, podcasts, multimedia assignments and quizzes to promote creative and critical thinking skills are also available. Alabama’s stories are told through the APT-produced content available in the APTPLUS Digital Library database including the story of the migrating Whooping Cranes that fly over Alabama and the array of talent displayed by Alabama craftsmen and artisans in the series entitled Alabama Craft: Tradition and Innovation, all on APTPLUS. Those who are preparing for the GED exam may benefit from the GED Connection series in the APT Adult Education database. Basic adult life skills content focusing on health, money and family is available through the TV411 and Workplace Essential Skills series, available in the APT Adult Education Database on APTPLUS. “Think of it as your own private library, filled with videos, still images and audio that’s at your disposal 24 hours a day,” says Dr. Cindy Kirk, APT’s vice president of educational services. She notes that parents can use the service to spark their child’s imagination, thereby making learning more meaningful. “Best of all, there’s no questionable content that you might find on a general Internet search engine,” she adds. “All items accessed through APTPLUS™ come from trusted sources with children’s best interests in mind.” Registering for and using APTPLUS™ is easy at Parents should click on “Parent Registration” and scroll down the page to complete the online form to request a username and password, which will be e-mailed to them within three business days. For registration assistance or answers to other questions, go to and click on “contact APTPLUS.” When parents receive a username and password, they can use the APTPLUS Learn360 database by logging onto APTPLUS™ at, clicking on the APTPLUS™ Media Services icon and typing in their username and password. Registration is not required for the other APTPLUS databases including the APTPLUS Digital Library and the APT Adult Education database. For registration assistance or answers to other questions, go to and click on “contact APTPLUS.” About Alabama Public Television Since its founding in 1955 as America’s first statewide educational television network, Alabama Public Television has focused its efforts on education. Funded by viewers and the State of Alabama, the nine-station network presents local and PBS-produced programming, community outreach activities and online services for individuals and educators.

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