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Page Title Brief Description
Welcome to PBS LearningMedia Intro to PBS LearningMedia
Flip Your Classroom Tips on Flipping Your Classroom
Classroom Strategies for the Week of September 2, 2013 Classroom Strategies
Art in Education for the Week of September 9, 2013 Art in Education
Get Your Tech On (Week of September 16, 2013) Technology
Daily News Collection (Week of September 23, 2013)  How to Use News in the Classroom
Hispanic Heritage Month (Week of September 30, 2013) Hispanic Heritage Month
Bullying (Week of October 7, 2013) Bullying
Earth Science (Week of October 14, 2013) Earth Science
Gaming in the Classroom (Week of October 21, 2013) Gaming in the Classroom
Halloween Spooktacular (Week of October 28, 2013) Halloween-related science and literature resources
Math Blast (Week of November 4, 2013) Math-based series for 3-5 year olds & Math Club for grades 6-8
The Power of the Pen (Week of November 11, 2013) Writing composition and literacy resources
Map This! Geography Awareness Week (Week of November 18, 2013) Geographic information systems from ancient clay tablets to 21st century digital maps
Native American Heritage (Week of November 25, 2013) Native American Life and Culture
The Science of Winter (Week of December 2, 2013) Resources that explore various wintertime topics including snow, ice, hibernation and animal adaptations
Computer Science Education Week (Week of December 9, 2013) Computer science resources and pertinent career profiles in support of Computer Science Education Week
Planning for the New Year: PD (Week of December 16, 2013) Content showcasing professional development resources including 21st century learning and technology integration in the classroom
Budgeting & Finance (Week of December 23, 2013) A collection of engaging resources related to budgeting and finance
PBS LearningMedia Staff Picks (Week of December 30, 2013) Content showcasing some of the PBS LearningMedia staff's favorite resources from the PBS LearningMedia library
All the World's Your Stage (Week of January 6, 2014) Content featuring a collection of resources to support educators in the area of arts education, including stagecraft, production, playwriting and performance
Exploring the World of Science & Engineering (Week of January 13, 2014) Content offering a behind-the-scenes look at "The Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers" and the corresponding collection from NOVA
Lesson Plan Blast (Week of January 20, 2014) Content offering teachers a robust collection of classroom-ready lesson plans covering English language arts, social studies and STEM
British Invasion Content to celebrate the new seasons of some popular PBS programs offering teachers and students an insider's look at London, England's mysteries and famous literature
Black History Month (Week of February 3, 2014) Exceptional resources that illustrate experiences of African Americans that have shaped many aspects of the United States.  Appropriate for use the entire month of February in celebration of Black History Month
Winter Sports & Extreme Athletes Content resources related to competitive sports and inspirational athletes in commemoration of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games.  
National Engineering Week Content focusing on engineering, building and design
Genealogy, Roots, Heritage Content featuring resources revolving around the exploration of one's own cultural origins and the heritage of those around us
Fuel the Body, Ignite the Mind Content supporting National Nutrition Month and a month-long feature on "STEAM" (science, technology, engineering, arts and math)

21st Century Digital Literacy PD

Focus is on the "tech" part of STEAM, focusing on professional development resources that support technology/digital media integration in the classroom.
Math is AweSum! Content that highlights the robust math collections available
Strike a Chord: Music in Education Content supporting Music in Our Schools Month and the "arts" part of STEAM
The Story of Our DNA Content that explores the ancestry behind our DNA
Lincoln and Gettysburg Content on Abraham Lincoln and Gettysburg
Word Play and Literacy PreK-12 literacy resources, including those from The Electric Company; also supports National Poetry Month.
I <3 Earth Content on the environment, in celebration of Earth Day
Shake It Up! Learning Through Dance

Content on the various aspects of learning through dance, supporting STEAM education

#CommonCore Week Resources that focus on the integration of the Common Core State Standards
Asian-Pacific American Heritage Content that supports Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month
Visual Literacy Content on Art education, putting the "A" in STEAM
Honoring Veterans Past & Present Content that honors Memorial Day and the anniversary of D-Day (June 6) by sharing stories of veterans across the country
Sizzlin' Summer of Reading, Part 1 Content on reading, writing, and notable authors
Sizzlin' Summer of Reading, Part 2 Additional content on reading, writing, and notable authors
Got Game? Content that highlights games and interactives, to bring fun and activity into the classroom
Let's Get Cooking! Content that connects food to science, showcasing hands-on cooking activities
Road Trip Across America Content that explores the sights, sounds, and history of the USA, in celebration of July 4th
Backyard Bugs 'n' Creepy Critters Content that spotlights the summer critters, garden bugs, worms, and flying creatures of summer
Let's Get Crafty Resources to engage students' creativity, including opportunities for experimentation
Deep Sea Diving Content that explores the many fascinating creatures of the ocean
GlobeTrotting with PBS LearningMedia Content to offer students a window to the world by spotlighting cities and customs from around the globe
Lesson-Plan-a-Palooza A selection of PreK-12 lesson plans on a variety of subjects is featured
New Year, New Look! Content that features PBS LearningMedia's best assets, as we countdown to the unveiling of the new site
New Year, New Look! Content that spotlights PBS LearningMedia's new look and exciting range of content, features, and special collections
Gaming in the Classroom! Content that focuses on games and interactive resources that introduce students to key concepts
Get Your Tech On Content that supports technology and digital resource integration in Pre-K-12 classrooms
Full STEAM Ahead! Content that brings the creative arts into the STEM curriculum
U.S. Presidents Week Content on U.S. Presidents and things related to the presidency
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Newly translated Spanish-language resources along with content about Hispanic history and culture
New Tools for Students + Teachers Resources that feature PBS LearningMedia's new tools for students and teachers
Bullying Awareness Content that supports Bullying Prevention Month with resources that address cyber bullying, conflict resolution, and relationship-building
Innovation Week Content about innovation in the 20th and 21st century, and ways to encourage innovative thinking in students
DIY Science Content to help educators create interactive learning experiences and engage students in hands-on activities
Halloween Spooktacular Content to integrate the fun of Halloween into the classroom
Classroom Tips & Strategies Content to help teachers navigate the digital age of learning with practical tips, tactics, and digital tools
Veterans: Stories of Service Content that features stories about veterans from across the country
Making Global Connections Resources on geography, global literacy, and diplomacy
Math Blast! Content that spotlights PBSLM's top math collections and offers teachers a creative way to tie math lessons into the Thanksgiving holiday
Celebrate the Holidays! Resources about Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and more
Computer Science Education Week Computer Science resources and tech-themed career profiles
Fueling Innovation in the Classroom Resources that promote innovation in the classroom
College & Career Week Resources on college and career readiness, including career profiles
Top 10 Staff Picks This week's content theme showcases the favorite resources of PBS LearningMedia's staff
Power Up Project Based Learning Resources to help teachers enhance their PBL lessons and inspire creative, new activities
Gaming & STEM Games and interactive resources to energize learning
Meet the Odd Squad Content from PBS KIDS' Odd Squad episodes
Igniting Creativity Resources to make teachers and students want to dance, paint, sing and engineer amazing new inventions
EARTH A New Wild New resources from the PBS series EARTH A New Wild, airing on February 4, 2015
Celebrating Black History Resources for Black History Month, spotlighting the leaders, thinkers, events, and everyday people who helped shape our nation's history.
How Well Do You Know the Presidents? Content on the U.S. Presidents, including a collection of 60-second video shorts
National Engineers Week Content that illustrates how engineering touches every aspect of life – from farming to smart phones
Women in History Content featuring the stories of women, across various disciplines, who have impacted positive change in their communities and around the world
Celebrating Digital Learning & Pi Day A collection of professional development resources, tutorials, and tech tools that support teaching and learning in the digital age
Music and Theater in Our Schools Content that supports both Music in our Schools Month and Theater in Our Schools Month by showcasing cross-curricular arts resources
Science, Nutrition, & Modern Medicine Resources that enhance students' understanding of science, medicine, nutrition, and the human body in support of National Nutrition Month
Spring into STEM! STEM content, including career profiles and compelling resources about plants, animals, and climate
Game On! Math & Sports Resources to engage students in a range of math concepts that illustrate the link between math and sports
Celebrating National Library Week Some of the best PreK-12 literacy resources from Crash Course, American Masters, Arthur and more
Earth Day 2015 Resources that integrate Earth Day themes into reading, science, and social studies lessons
Tales from History's Battlefields Content that tells the stories of soldiers and veterans from across the country and through the ages
Stories of Impact: Teaching in the Digital Age Professional development resources that offer teaching tips and support the effective integration of technology in the classroom
Summer of Reading Content that focuses on promoting summer literacy
Power-Up Project Based Learning Resources that will help teachers enhance their PBL lessons and inspire creative, new activities
Inspire Summer Learning A motivating collection of activities designed to keep students engaged and active as they transition into summer
Dream BIG! College + Career Readiness Content that spotlights passionate professionals who have applied their skills to careers in the arts and STEM
Step Inside the Artist's Studio Resources that invite learners to take an inside look at the workshops and performance spaces of various artists - both amateur and professional
Movers, Shakers, and Digital Makers Resources that highlight a range of innovators, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and creators on the leading edge of technology and education
Anthropology + Human Migrations Resources that enhance lessons on anthropology, human ancestry, and migration patterns
Red, White, and Blue: The Story of the U.S. Resources that explore the sights, sounds, and history of the U.S. in celebration of the July 4th holiday
Backyard Summer Safari Resources that focus on science-themed projects to reinforce STEM concepts
Dance, Stretch, n' Move! Resources that promote healthy living and physical education by inviting students to MOVE - whether they're dancing, twisting, stomping or running!
Exploring the Sea, Space, and Sky STEM resources that take students into the depths of the ocean, the far reaches of space, and up into the clouds
Inventions that Transformed the World Resources that highlight the mechanics and human stories behind inventions that transformed history
Back to School Series: Lesson Plan Blast Resources that include full lesson plans and ideas to spark classroom discussion
Back to School Series: Classroom DIY "Do-It-Yourself" content to help educators engage students in hands-on activities during the back-to-school season
Back to School Series: Leadership Strategies Resources that feature meaningful leadership advice from administrators and educators in the field
Back to School Series: Full STEAM Ahead!

Resources to build/support STEAM-powered lessons that weave the arts into STEM education

Marine Science Resources that support the on-air premiere of Big Blue Live on PBS and enhance lessons on marine animals, plant life, and aquatic ecosystems
Teaching the Civil War Resources that highlight the notable figures and events from the Civil War era, including content from the Ken Burns documentary
Arts in Education Resources that help educators infuse creative arts into their curriculum
Conservation in the Wild Resources that support the on-air premiere of "Gorongosa Park: Rebirth of Paradise" on PBS and enhance lessons on environmental science, wildlife, and conservation
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Spanish language content and resources about Hispanic history and culture
Bullying Awareness Resources about bullying, conflict resolution, and leadership
Science of the Brain Resources that support the on-air premiere of "The Brain with Dr. David Eagleman" and enhance lessons on topics ranging from neuroscience to sports concussions
Math Blast! Resources that offer teachers a range of creative hooks to get students engaged with core math concepts and highlight their relevance to everyday life
Halloween Spooktacular Resources that integrate Halloween themes into math, language arts, and science lessons
Native American Heritage Resources that illuminate various aspects of Native American history and culture
Veterans Across the Ages Resources spotlighting stories about veterans from around the country and across the ages
Transforming the Education Space Professional development resources that provide insight, inspiration, and practical strategies for engaging students
Nature Investigation Resources that support the on-air premiere of "Nature Cat" on PBS and enhance outdoor activities focused on environmental science
Fueling Innovation in the Classroom Resources to drive innovative thinking in the classroom
Computer Science Education Week Resources about computer science, coding, and thought leadership in the tech space
PBS Celebrates Winter Resources about winter science and holiday traditions
PBS Celebrates Winter, Part 2 Resources that offer cool insights into temperature, snow, animals -- and more
College & Career Week Resources about college prep and careers
Tools & Tips for a Successful New Year Resources that provide educators with practical tips, tactics, and digital tools to help them navigate the digital age of learning
Stepping into Civil War History Resources that align with the premiere of PBS's Mercy Street and upcoming web series Past/Present
Nature, Nature Everywhere! Resources that support this week's Nature Cat special on PBS and enhance lessons in biology and environmental science
The Power of the Pen Resources that explore the power of storytelling and help students develop the skills they need to articulate their opinions, thoughts, and emotions on paper
Celebrating Black History Month Add depth and dimension to Black History Month lessons with this collection of resources highlighting key events, movements, and traditions as well as notable leaders, poets, and musicians
Math-a-Mania This fun mix of math resources supports young counters as well as upper-level number crunchers. Elementary resources can be used to enhance "100th Day of School" projects throughout February.
Blast Off! The Solar System and Beyond Resources that support the on-air premiere of "Ready, Jet, Go!" from PBS KIDS and that reinforce key concepts in science
National Engineers Week Resources that highlight careers in engineering and offer students a look at what it takes to design rockets, jets, and 3D printers

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