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Rivers, Rails and Automobiles

Video Overview
This segment of the video explores the continuing development of Alabama’s first roadways. Various methods were used to make early travel easier. Alabama’s excellent river system became a primary source of movement for goods and people in Alabama.With the invention of the railroad, transportation was on the fast track. The Federal Road and Natchez Trace brought more settlers to Alabama and the need for improved transportation continued to grow. Henry Ford’s automobile put people on the move. >
Extension Activities

Additional Resources:
* Alabama Department of Transportation

Download chapters on the history of roads
* Highway History Bibliography
* Bessie Coleman Robinson Collection Early Roads
* Encyclopedia of Alabama
* The Great Seal of Alabama
* Alabama Bronze Map
Use the bronze map of Alabama to locate images of importance in relationship to transportation in Alabama. The Bronze Map is located in Montgomery on the lawn of the Archives and History Building.

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Alabama Course of Study
Alabama Course of Study 4th Grade Course of Study Describe the relationship of the five geographic regions of Alabama to the movement of Alabama settlers during the early nineteenth century. SS16.603.47 Alabama's river systems SS16.603.48b. Significant places in present-day AL: Transportation routes SS16.603.48a. Significant places in present-day Alabama: Cities SS16.603.48c. Significant places in present-day Alabama: Rivers SS33 Places and Regions 10th Grade Course of Study Correlates to Alabama Course of Study: Social Studies 10th Grade Content Standard 7, p. 72
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